A Conversation with Guitarist Alex Hutchings of the Steven Wilson Band – 11May18, San Francisco

(Top photo by Bert Treep)

On May 11, 2018 World Prog-Nation‘s Alfredo Iraheta, Jr. had the chance to converse with guitarist extraordinaire Alex Hutchings before the Steven Wilson show at the venerable Fillmore in San Francisco. Alex was very gracious as he shared his insights on a variety of topics including:

  • His thoughts on the current Steven Wilson To The Bone tour.
  • His recollection of the sold out, three-night engagement at the Royal Albert Hall.
  • How he got the SW gig through Craig Blundell.
  • How he approaches his role in the SW band compared to his previous projects.
  • Following in the footsteps of former SW band and guitar greats Guthrie Govan and Dave Kilminster.
  • His musical influences from Classic Rock to 80’s Rock to Jazz and Classical, and what he listens to currently.
  • What inspires him to continue playing at his high level of musicianship and how he experiences music from an emotional standpoint.
  • A comprehensive description of his gear.
  • His future plans, including thoughts on releasing his own music. Alex is always writing!
  • A message for his World Prog-Nation fans.

Alex is a super talented, very professional and humble individual. He plays what the music needs without ego getting in the way. Alex channels his emotions uses his (considerable) musical skill to play his best in any situation from playing large venues to thousands of fans, to playing small places to ten fans. We are very appreciative of the time Alex spent talking to us. 🙂

Video edited by Yarin Cohen

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