Derek Sherinian Is Featured In Mike Portnoy’s New Prog Project

Mike Portnoy tweeted last week a tease about a new secret supergroup: Hmmmm….what have we here??
I’m in LA recording an album with something NEW…
Sorry, this is all you’re gonna get outta me on this for a while…More will be revealed at a later date…stay tuned!
#ProgMetalSupergroup Coming soon…

and on March 9th he wrote: “Some serious magic happening here in the studio! Wow… 😎 Can’t wait for you all to hear what’s brewing!! Be patient everyone…”

this is the first time since Mike Portnoy’s departure from Dream Theater that he was involved in a prog metal project.

today Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherinian Posted the same picture of their feet in the same recording studio titled: “Making History….and you??”

this is a reference to something Derek said during the recordings of “Falling Into Infinity” in their DVD: “5 years in a LIVEtime”: the reference can be seen here on the 1:00 mark.

who else do you think will be featured in this supergroup?


  1. I heard that Bumblefoot is playing guitar. Someone spotted his guitar in the instagram post. All we need is a bass player and singer

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