Johan Hallgren returns to Pain Of Salvation

today, a message from Daniel Gildenlow and the band was released regarding Ragnar Zolberg’s departure. It Appears that Johan Hallgren, who played guitar and backing vocals for Pain Of Salvation comes back full time, to also fill in for the rest of the shows. The message reads:

After a few years of working together with Ragnar, I feel that we have come to a point where it is necessary to part ways. It feels very sad, because we are losing a great vocalist and stage personality in Ragnar. It felt great writing the new album together with him, and I am very thankful for that time. We all are. But with time it has become clear that his true place is not in this band. Musically, it has worked very well, but there are so many other variables that need to click in order to make a band strong and stable.

We are not going into a period of uncertainty, but one of deliberate change and strength. We have a great record label and a great management/booking company that have both told us that they understand our decision, and that they back us up and support us fully through this. All scheduled shows will happen as planned. How? Well, we are happy to announce that, starting today, Johan Hallgren will be returning to the band as a full member again, and we will go full throttle ahead through this. We are very happy about seeing him back onboard, and we are sure you will accept him back with open arms, as will we.

One thing that we are looking forward to a lot is the regained possibility to meet up and rehearse more often, which is one of the main reasons why I started playing music in the first place: to have that small and devoted tribe, standing in a sweaty rehearing room, sharing a stupid dream. And then making it come true.

So, a new chapter in the life of Pain of Salvation, and yet not. We hurt, we heal, we rise. And we keep delivering, that is a promise. We hope for your love and support through this. We want to thank Ragnar for the good years together with us, and wish him all the luck with his future endeavours. And again, we warmly welcome Johan Hallgren back to our family!

Daniel & Pain of Salvation

What the band members and Johan himself has to say about his return to the band:

Johan Hallgren:
“Already when I quit the band, I felt that I really wanted to come back. This feels fun as hell, and I will go into this with full force – hook, line and sinker. I have promised myself to supersede everyone’s expectations of my return. This is something I know well, and I am damn good at it. And more than that, I have really missed them all – it’s a wonderful gang!”

Daniel D2 Karlsson:
“I am very happy to see Johan back – I actually feel quite exalted. Johan is a wonderful human being with a warm heart, and he’s got a fantastic charisma as a musician. I am convinced our fans will welcome him with a warm embrace.”

Léo Margarit:
“It’s great that Johan is back – a good friend. I am certain the fans will be very happy, he was a beloved band member, and many were sad to see him go. It will be very fun to play with him again!” ”

Johan also comments: ” saw Ragnar perform with the guys a while ago! I was totally blown away by his performance! A breakup is never easy and I think we all know that! I wish him the best future possible as I do for everyone! My social media is flooded right know so I want to thank you for the warm welcome back to the family of POS! I’ll dedicate myself to the ones who makes all of this possible! YOU…..
See you on the road and again thank you Ragnar for the years supporting our big family!

Johan Hallgren”

what do you think?



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