World Prog Nation Interview with Ayreon’s Arjen Anthony Lucassen

We had the privilege of having a conversation with Ayreon’s mastermind Arjen Anthony Lucassen to discuss the new album The Source. This is a very insightful interview where Arjen discusses a variety of topics including his approach to composing, his collaborations, his beliefs (including the supernatural, aliens and the future of the planet), philosophy on music, Ayreon’s future and even The Walking Dead! He concludes with a special message to his World Prog-Nation fans! We hope you enjoy this conversation as Arjen is a very smart, witty and friendly guy! Thank you Arjen!

The full interview can be found in here:


Arjen Antony Lucassen’s / Ayreon’s official sites:…

Purchase The Source here:

World Prog-Nation:

2017 – World Prog-Nation


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