Animals As Leaders Release new single “Arithmophobia”

After releasing “The Brain Dance”, a second song off the new album called “Arithmophobia” by the progressive metal pioneers can be streamed below. This is the second track released by the band and is taken from the band’s highly anticipated new album, “The Madness Of Many”, which will be released on November 11 via Sumerian Records. mixed by guitarist Javier Reyes, The CD was actually produced by the band members.

Tosin Abasi comments: “This album feels like total synergy between the three of us. None of this music would have turned out the same way without the equal inclusion of all of our musical ideas and that feel special. We’re beyond thrilled with the result.”

Drummer Matt Garstka adds: “‘The Madness of Many’ is an explorative and ambitious journey of harmony, rhythm, musical expression and emotion.

“It has been the most collaborative effort for the band and an evolution in each of the members’ musical path. Although conceptually dense, it is the most natural sounding Animals as Leaders album yet.”

Javier Reyes recently sat down with music radar to discuss their latest album: “We’ve been working on that for a long time. We’re pretty stoked on how it’s turned out, and it’s definitely an evolution of our band. It sounds like us, but it definitely sounds like we have evolved.

“There’s been a lot of things that we’ve been experimenting with – there’s a lot more nylon[-string], and it sounds the most like the three of us which sounds really cool. It’s the most collaborative record that we’ve done, so it’s pretty awesome.

“We’ve learned over the years how each other works best, and it’s taken that time to make an album that sounds the most like what we sound like as musicians. It sounds different to our previous stuff, but it’s definitely what we want to be hearing and what we want to be playing. I’m confident that it’s an album where fans will know we’ve taken the next step up.”

“The Madness Of Many” is the band’s fourth album, following  “The Joy Of Motion”. the band keeps on raising the bar with their unique style and innovation that makes them one of the most promising bands of this new progressive metal generation


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