Be Prog! My Friend to feature Mike Portnoy’s “The Shattered Fortress”

Mike Portnoy’s project: “The Shattered Fortress” is added to Be Prog! my friend.

“I am so excited to be bringing my Shattered Fortress show to Spain and Be Prog My Friend!,” says Portnoy. “The Shattered Fortress is myself and an all-star prog lineup performing Dream Theater’s 12 Step Suite live in it’s entirety for the first time! This is not “a new band or project” for me, it is an exclusive event that will be making several select live appearances in select markets throughout the world in 2017… and Be Prog! My Friend is one of the selected shows!

The setlist at the show will be comprised of the 12 Step Suite and select other Dream Theater songs that I’ve written the lyrics to. Keep in mind, I have no plans (or interest) in revisiting DT material in any of my other bands… this is not an ongoing “project” or career move… this is merely a unique event that I am doing in select markets in 2017 to share with fans around the world… so catch it while you can!”

there are many questions from fans wanting to know who will take part in this project and who’s going to be in the line up. when a fan guessed that Derek Sherinian will be in this lineup he was answered by portnoy: “I’ll just nip it in the bud now…Derek Sherinian has as much interest in playing Jordan-era DT music as I do playing The Astonishing! ;)”

what do you think? who do you want to see in this lineup?


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