will Marco Minnemann continue to collaborate with steven wilson on future projects?

quite a drama in steven wilson land. a recent post by Marco Minnemann may mark the end of their relationship. it reads as follows: “Just flew by Mount Everest on our way from Nepal to Bangkok. Pretty amazing I have to say. Now on a different quick note, I received a few questions about the gold awards for ‘The Raven’ and ‘Hand.Cannot.Erase’. I’ll try to keep it brief: Yes, some of the people involved in these productions had to learn through social media that these albums went gold. I seriously had no idea, so thanks for letting me know 😊. Well and what can I say, also at the end of the day they’re SW’s albums and he decides whom to share the success with. From what I’ve heard, some gold awards were given to one half of the band and the other half was excluded and not notified (very likely because of our decision for other band and touring commitments).
he continues: “But nevermind, we were all involved and played in the studio and live as a band and I’d like to believe that our musical contributions somehow at least to a certain degree shaped the vibe and style of these albums. Most important thing is that YOU appreciate and value the playing and contributions. So, thank you very much. Happily moving on, come to see the Aristocrats ‘Tres Caballeros’ world tour. We’re in the middle of our Asian/ Australia leg and wow, India and Nepal were surely new and amazing places for us to explore and play and I can’t thank everyone enough for making this tour such a huge success. Love you all🙂, M.” and then this: “Well, to be honest, Raven and HCE are the only gold awards in that catalogue, aren’t they… And excluding us, just because we cherish our own band The Aristocrats and refuse to ass crawl, is kind of a dick move…. Take your gold records and shove it.” what do you think? is it truly the end of these two collaborating?


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