Intreview: Mike Mangini from Dream Theater

World Prog-Nation’s Yarin Cohen had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with Dream Theater drummer extraordinaire Mike Mangini. This was a very interesting and enlightening conversation.

Some of the topics discussed are:

– Mike’s most fun song to play

– Dream Theater’s new album Distance Over Time

– The role of a drummer as a songwriter, how it has changed over the years

– His relationship with the other Dream Theater members

– His ability as a multi-instrumentalist

– His musical influences: Both music and players

– Advice to young drummers and learning philosophy

– His time teaching at Berklee

– First DT album he heard and his reaction

– Does Dream Theater currently jam in the studio?

– Playing with John Petrucci in the G3 tour

– A message for his World Prog-Nation fans


— BIG thank you to: – Mike Mangini – A very talented, intelligent, humble and gracious guy! – Dream Theater’s tour management – Dream Theater World – Dream Theater Internnational Fan Club 2019 – World Prog-Nation