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Sunday 3rd May 2015 on ITV 

Pictured: Rick Wakeman 

Antonio Vivaldi’s the Four Seasons is the most popular piece of classical music of all time.  There have been over 1000 different recordings , selling tens of millions of copies.   It’s become so ubiquitous – in lifts, as phone ring tones or on call-centre answering machines – that it has been denounced as Muzak for the middle classes.

Rick Wakeman – platinum-selling prog rock keyboardist and television Grumpy Old Man – thinks the critics are wrong.   He believes that the Four Seasons was so far ahead of its time that it was actually the first ever concept album – and that Vivaldi was the world’s first rock superstar.
But how could a sickly 18th century priest create the prototype for Rick’s very modern genre?  And why did Vivaldi and the Four Seasons disappear into obscurity for more than 200 years after his death?

Rick turns detective to solve the mystery: his journey takes him to Venice – in the 18th century the most debauched city on the planet – where he encounters some of those who have devoted their lives to studying and worshipping Vivaldi … and uncovers the whiff of a very modern rock star sex scandal. Which may have contributed to Vivaldi’s downfall. 
But the investigation also leads Rick to unexpected places and people.   He meets fellow prog rocker Mike Rutherford from Genesis and debates whose band Vivaldi would join; and he encounters the Croatian arranger and keyboard player whose multi-national assembly of musicians is turning the Four Seasons into heavy metal.  

Along the way Rick also discovers the only existing original score for the Four Seasons … in just about the last place anyone would have thought to find it…

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Rick Wakeman Decided To Attend Yes’ Rock Hall Induction

Classic Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman changed his mind about not attending the band’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction after it was announced that late Chris Squire will receive a special posthumous award at the ceremony.

Wakeman, decided he won’t be attending Yes’ induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame mainly due to Yes’ bassist Chris Squire’s passing: “if it had happened years ago, when it was really well deserved. I find it hard to come to terms with the fact that so many bands are inducted into the Hall of Fame too late in their careers after key members have passed away.”

lately, the hall’s decision to give Chris Squire with a posthumous award acknowledging his massive contribution to Yes and  made Wakeman change his mind. The award will be given to his wife.
The musician noted through his official site: “I am very pleased to announce that as the Hall of Fame have now agreed to present Chris Squire’s wife with a posthumous award acknowledging his massive contribution to Yes, I have agreed to attend the induction ceremony in New York to both stand proudly with my fellow bandmates Jon [Anderson] and Trevor [Rabin] and also to watch Chris’s wife, Scottie, collect this well-deserved award on his behalf.

“I also hope that this move to acknowledge members of bands who sadly did not live to receive their own honor means they can get them posthumously in the future.”

what do you guys think? will the band be able to set aside everything and reunite on this special occasion? is it worth it even without Chris Squire? what about the gesture made to squire by the R&R hall of fame? let us know in the comments.


  1. I’m happy to hear of the award for Chris. I know it must be difficult times somewhat between the two current bands playing YES music. I have been a fan of YES through the ages,starting with YES Album. I hope this event brings good vibes and I keep my fingers crossed that we might one day enjoy the main lineup (Fragile) play together again.

  2. Rick Wakeman was such a big part of Yes’ overall sound and was large a personality in the band, it would have been beyond regretful to see him miss the induction. I am very happy to read that Rick is going, it will make the ceremony so much the better!

  3. Yes, this is as it should be… as many members as can, should go, despite the RRHOF often ignoring more progressive bands… Rick is arguably the best rock/classical keyboard player from the ’70s era, continuing on as he has since then with too many astonishing audio/video releases to count!

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