World Prog-Nation interview with Marillion’s Steve Rothery – October 21, 2016, San Francisco

(Note: We had recording equipment issues at the time of the interview. In order to bring you this conversation we used what we had at hand, therefore the video and audio quality are less than optimal)

By Alfredo Iraheta exclusively for World Prog-Nation

On October 21, 2016, the opening day of Marillion‘s North American tour, Alfredo Iraheta sat down with Marillion founding member and legendary guitarist Steve Rothery to talk about a variety of topics including:

  • FEAR, Marillion’s brand new 18th studio album, the composing and recording process, performing the new songs and future plans
  • Marillion’s devoted fan base, with special mention of Latin American fans
  • Steve’s thoughts on the music industry
  • Steve’s solo band, playing Fish-era songs, and his experience performing at Cruise to the Edge
  • Steve’s influences and favorite musicians, past and present, and his approach to playing guitar
  • A comprehensive run through of his live equipment
  • A special message for his World Prog-Nation fans

We are grateful to Steve Rothery for taking the time to talk to us on such an important day, and to the Marillion crew for their hospitality.  We hope you enjoy Steve’s enlightening insight!

Special thanks to Stardust Producciones Audiovisuales for their invaluable help editing the video

Copyright 2016 World Prog-Nation





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