Interview With Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater – October 12, 2017 (Video)

On October 12, 2017, World Prog-Nation‘s Yarin Cohen, in collaboration with Dream Theater World, had the opportunity to spend some time with Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater prior to the band’s Tel Aviv concert. Yarin and Jordan had an interesting and fun conversation where Jordan shared his thoughts on:

– The current “Images, Words & Beyond” tour
– Joining Dream Theater
– His approach to composing The Astonishing album with John Petrucci
– What defines being a “virtuoso”musician
– Various Dream Theater albums
– Dream Theater’s plans for 2018
– His own plans for 2018 (including being Artist-In-Residence at Stanford University!)
– And an exclusive message for his World Prog-Nation fans

Interview conducted and edited by Yarin Cohen exclusively for World Prog-Nation. Special thanks to Dream Theater World for facilitating the interview.

2017 – World Prog-Nation

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