Anointed Musicians, Anointed Listeners – A Conversation with Neal Morse

By Alfredo Iraheta exclusively for World Prog-Nation

The Neal Morse Band has embarked on a world tour titled The Road Called Home supporting the concept, double album The Similitude Of A Dream.  This album is considered by many to be one of Neal Morse’s finest moments, if not the finest (you can read our review of The Similitude Of A Dream by clicking HERE).  Long-time drummer Mike Portnoy has gone on record saying “I honestly think this is THE album of my career”, no small feat considering Mike has been part of some of Progressive Rock’s finest albums during his illustrious career.

World Prog-Nation‘s own Alfredo Iraheta had the opportunity to chat with Neal Morse prior to the band’s show at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on January 18, 2017.  During the conversation, Neal shared his insight on a variety of topics, including:

  • His thoughts on The Similitude Of A Dream
  • His feelings on The Road Called Home tour and how things were going so far
  • His response to reviews of The Similitude Of A Dream
  • His reflections on the writing and recording of the album, including the moment he realized The Similitude Of A Dream was something special.
  • His favorite songs from the album to perform in concert
  • His thoughts on how The Grand Experiment and The Similitude Of A Dream compare to each other
  • His approach to songwriting and the recording process
  • His description of The Neal Morse Band dynamics, and his thoughts on the other band members!
  • His musical influences
  • His feelings on performing such a versatile album live
  • An exclusive message to his World Prog-Nation fans


The Neal Morse Band’s The Road Called Home World Tour is THE concert event of 2017 and must not be missed!  Get your tickets HERE.


Photo credit for all pictures: Robert Smith


The Neal Morse Band:

Enjoy and purchase the new album The Similitude Of A Dream (on Radiant Records):

Special thanks to Neal Morse for his kindness, and to The Neal Morse Band staff and crew for their extreme helpfulness!

Video shot by Devin Lacey, and edited by Stardust Producciones Audiovisuales exclusively for World Prog-Nation

Copyright 2017 – World Prog-Nation


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